Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Friday

Well, actually it's Thursday but I'm scheduling this for tomorrow. Because HOPEFULLY I'll be at ComicCon tomorrow and too bust being awesome to post. But, I don't know yet, my sister has to go check her work schedule before we can confirm our tickets. Please, dear Lord, let her close so we can go. It's really the only day that will work for us. Saturday is Tribe, Sunday is the Renaissance Fair, oh man, please let her close. But I thought I would just stop by and share a few things from the week. 
So I got a new navel ring and I freakin love it! 
And in case anyone wants to say anything, I'm not racist, I'm from Georgia. There's a difference, educate yourselves. This might sound a little hostile but I get into this fight a lot with people, strangers even . 
I remembered that I had this cute little vintage album! I'm going to use it for Instagram photos I print off and for if I ever get film and a proper battery for my Land Camera. 
A little mama bird decided to make our deck home. 
I've got some good (well I think good) DIYs coming up in the next few weeks. I'm thinking I may have to start limiting the number I do a's really hard to come up with ones every single day. 
As you can see, I have pink accents in my hair, not green like I'm obsessed with...I'm working on this 
Go this sweet Pink Floyd crop tank today too
Yes, I own a pair of jeans, I just never ever were them...I might turn them into shorts. I had the greatest idea for a new pair last night only to realize I had nothing to make them a reality, unless I cut these into shorts...
 Hopefully tomorrow night I'll be working on some dope ass pictures from Con to share, but if we can't go to  that then...I don't know what the hell, I'll be so let down. 
Also I'm about to start a series on at home beauty DIYs...because my face has looked like shit lately so I've been making my own facial masks and toners and some of them are really great and well, I like to share. 

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  1. Hope your having a wonderful time at Comic Con today ;)! Love the album! I want to go to a Ren fair so bad! Have fun!