Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inspiration/Results 12

I am in love. 
If you haven't gone and looked at Spell and the Gypsy Collective, stop reading this stupid blog and go look. I seriously have to physically restrain myself from going into massive debt buying their entire collection. I really think I need this entire outfit. They were obviously thinking of me when they created this little number. This would go perfectly with my other day to day rings. I'm in the process of making one of these myself. If I don't get this for my birthday next month I might, quite possibly, actually die of heartache. And if I do actually die of heartache, clearly this whole look will be the only way to save me from eternal suffering. My feather crown was based on this. If you haven't actually clicked any of these links be sure to click this one, they might just be the most perfect pair of sandals I ever did see.
Ok, I'm done...because I'm pouting at being poor and lusting over all the magical things I can't have. I'm going to buy myself one of those bags for my birthday, or get a new tattoo...I can't decide yet.
So they as a whole were the inspiration for this necklace but if you want to get specific it was this one. 
I made this out of bits and pieces I already had and one ugly ass necklace I bought at one of those aggressive accessories know the one...full of crazy looking over bearing things at a low price. (CC). Well I buy things when they're on super sale and use them for the parts. That's where the skull and talon pieces came from. 

Someday I will have everything I want from Spell Designs, but as for now I'll have to settle making my own inspired things. 


  1. I love all of their stuff! I purposely restrain myself from looking so I don't lust. However this necklace is calling my name! I love it. PS. Your guest post is great! So excited :)

    1. Ugh I know what you mean! It's like torture looking at all their amazing pieces!
      I can't wait to see it! I'm so flattered you asked me to do it in the first place!