Friday, June 8, 2012

DIY T shirt Reconstruction.

I don't actually remember where I saw the tutorial for this braided back shirt, but I didn't really like it anyways. It didn't have any picture of what the front of the shirt would look like when finished and I really feel like they could have used a better shirt for the example. That being said, I improvised and came up with this. 
Does anyone know what this shirt means!?! I don't but I thrifted it because somethings are too weird to pass up. I'd love to find out though. 
And lemme say again, this is a shirt, I promise. I'm not wearing pants or shorts for the sake of the photos. But hey, if you wanna go pantsless, who am I to try and stop you?
Oh and yes...I have Star Wars blankets on my bed...represent. 

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