Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Summer Lime Shorts

It is the summer of the ridiculous shorts people!!!
These are fun though, I promise. And ok, some of the steps in this project didn't get photographed because they happened late at night and I was on the phone while doing them.
We're making distressed, bleached and lime green dyed shorts. 
You'll need
Jeans, or just regular shorts
Ok, make shorts. .
I like to put them on and mark how short I want them so I don't get to skanky short...just saying...
Place shorts in bleach. I just wanted the bottom half done, so I just sort of folded them down in a shallow container filled with just enough bleach. I let them sit in the bleach for maybe 20 minutes and then I let them sit in the sun for 45 minutes. When you reach the desired level of bleachedness, wash them out. Bleach eats away at fabric so wash em good. 
Prepare dye, add shorts. I was going for a tri-color effect for I use clips to keep them only in the dye where I wanted them. Follow package instructions. Wash, let dry.
I then distressed them up a bit. To do this, cut slits all where you want a frayed look and start pullin gout fibers, the more you pull the better they'll look. The more times you wash the better they'll look. Really, these shorts will age beautifully. 
Yeah, new shorts!

I was at TjMaxx and saw these crazy looking red leopard print shorts on sale. Of course I bought them. Of course I thought they could use something else. I took them home and spray dyed just the bottom part. BOOM Instant hombre effect.


  1. bravo! I love this... definitely trying it on one of my last two pairs of old jeans I have! You should take a picture of all your shorts you have altered together!! Ps I almost bought those leopard shorts twice at TJ Max but couldn't afford to spend the cash.

    1. That's so funny, these shorts would make the second thing we both mysteriously have! Oh, and I only bought them because I saw them on clearance, I don't really have to cash to be spending it on ridiculous shorts! ha!