Saturday, June 30, 2012

DIY Patch Shorts

There aren't a lot of photos of these because uh...I don't really like them all that much. I found these bags of vintageish patches from the Girl Scouts and traveling the other day thrifting and I thought"oh cool, I'll make these into shorts". Well, I don't know how I thought they would turn out but I thought it would be something different than this. 
For some reason I spaced on how thick the patches would be, so these aren't the easiest or comfiest to move around in. Also, I don't know who or why someone invented Iron-on but they don't really work. I'm going to have to go back in a sew all of these down. All in all, they aren't a total fail, they just aren't what I was hoping for. 
Shorts-DIY, Hat-Vans, Unnecessary hoodie- AE, Tank-F21, Necklaces- Tiffany's and Juicy Couture 

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