Friday, May 25, 2012


It's the end of the month yall. Know what that means? It means I am broke, broke, let me say it again, broke. This means that I have to look around and get resourceful if I want to make anything new. I made three new things in the past two days with bits and pieces that I already had lying around. Notice that they have the same feathers and beads? Yeah, that's why.
First I made a new headband. I used feathers, wooden beads, strips of buckskin cord, embroidery thread, and a headband I had bought at WalMart for $1. It had this weird ugly bow on it but for a dollar I figured I could do something nifty. 
Secondly, I made your standard Tshirt scarf/necklace. Tshirt scarves are the easiest, most versatile thing you can make. And if you're just starting out with your crafting one of the first confidence building things you should go about making. I used an old thrifted shirt, and the same wooden beads and feathers as the headband above. 
And now, the piece de resistance.
This was one of those things that happens in your head. You figure out exactly what you need and exactly how to do it in your mind and you have to make it right then and there. Except, mine didn't go that way because I was sitting in a car when I had that moment. I made this last night and I'm proud to say it did go exactly like I planned and it does look exactly like I wanted it to. And well, I'm pretty damn pleased with myself. 
I used, left over chain, jump rings, embroidery thread, tiny bee charms, buckskin cording, the rest of some turquoise and green glass beads. I cut up a necklace for the bone beads, and finally had the center hanging stone leftover from something I got years ago. This is also step 2 for my STS9 outfit.

See, you can make lots of nifty pretty things without having to buy much. All you have to look around and get well...crafty. 

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  1. necklace is amazing as well as everything else! I think I have that ring with the 3 turquoise stones... I got mine at forever 21! Ill post a pic of it and show you on my blog!!...

    ps I would love if you thought about doing a guest post on my blog. You would be the first and you could do one of your wonderful diy's! I would love to have you do it! Well at least just ponder on it!