Sunday, May 27, 2012

How I DIY'd my space bag

It didn't really seem right to try to post this as a step by step DIY. I didn't take great photos of the process and really I'm just showing off. I also thought it was a little more intense than just doing and Inspiration/Results post. Really, it's more of a hybrid. OK, so I think we've established that I love space, right? Click here if you'd like proof Well, I love this whole space trend that's happening right now as well, but have you seen those clothes? They're ridiculously priced. So I decided to just make something myself. After researching tutorials on the subject I decided this one was really the most helpful. I also chose this one because I knew I wanted to make a bag and this one features paints instead of bleach.  
I used acrylic, fabric, and crafts paints. I found thrifted this bag a while back for the purpose of turning it into space. I should mention that I had all the supplies for this forever, I really put off this project for quite some time. Why? Well...I was scared. I knew I really only had one shot with this bag and I was afraid I would screw it up and fail and it wouldn't look like space at all. Then Finally one day I just went for it. I did it all as quickly as I could, not stopping or really looking (except to take photos) until the very end. Oh, and I also used make up sponges, paint and tooth brushes, my fingers, and this reference photo. 
First I started with a layer of black fabric paint. When This got tacky I went in and added splotches of blues and red. When these were tacky I used the make up sponge and my fingers to really get the look I wanted. 
The blending of the two colors was probably the hardest part. It was hard to get them to just blend instead of just going in and making purple. When this step was almost dry I used the old tooth brush and a mixture of white and silver paints to make the stars. 
Lastly, I chose a few spots and really caked on the white to create the star cluster/ moonlight effect. 
And then I was done. I let it sit over night before I attempted to actually use it. I'm mostly happy with the results. I wish I had really gone bolder with the colors and effects. But since it was my first try I didn't want to over do it either. I do get lots of compliments on it and I have been using it as my everyday bag. I plan on either trying to find a similar bag and having another go at it or just painting the back side of this one.

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  1. That turned out amazing! Whats even cooler are that the pictures showed up all those little details that you put into it! I want that bag! I always get scared to do something diy with stuff because I am afraid I will screw it up and most of the time I do! Love the galaxy trend!