Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY USA shirt

I don't know about you but to me summer just calls for patriotism. Maybe it's the 4th, maybe it's the baseballs and BBQs, maybe it's something else, I don't know. Summer just feels like Uh-merica to me. So if you're in the mood to show off a little patriotism for yourself, here's a fun little DIY I created for the season.
You will need-
A plain shirt, I used a F21 tank I bought for this project, they were like 2 for $10, I used the second one for an upcoming post.
A Marker or Pen
A Razor Knife of some kind
Red and Blue Spray Dye
Tape, not Scotch, painters tape would be ideal
Scrap Paper
The first thing you wanna do is cute out all the stars, this part takes the longest and is the most annoying. Lay out pieces of tape on a flat surface you can cut on, I used a clip board for portability. Cut out all those stars with your razor knife, you can always make more I promise. 
Find the middle of your shirt and crease it down the center, then apply the stars all over to one side. I didn't purposely use a pattern, I'm just a little too OCD for proper randomness.
Do the same to the other side for the stripes. 
Use your scrap paper to tape off one side. This is important!!! make sure it's down as flat as you can get it.
Spray away. Be sure to spray from above, this will help the colors not to bleed or run into wear you have it blocked off. I got a little carried away and used way more than I had ever intended to. 
Once you've done the same to the other side it should look like this.
Ok, now let it dry, depending on the dye you used. and wash alone. Alright...about this dye, I don't know what happened or what instructions I missed but the first time I tried to wear this shirt my arms were dyed blue by the end of the day. I washed it 4 times in a row after that and I'm hoping it doesn't happen again. I'm way happier with the results because it's a lot more faded and subtle than it looks in this picture, where it's like attacking you.
Woo-hoo flag shirt!! And yes since I'm wearing this shirt I feel like I can also pull off this choker, which I also made.
Because when you wear a flag shirt you can make peace signs.
And yes I still rock a jean skirt. One that's ripped to shreds, with patches and scraps holding it together. I would never really wear this skirt with this shirt however. The skirt has an American flag patch on it already and well...that's too much.

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  1. I have to say this is such an awesome diy! Love it! Great job!! I got to do this!