Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Sea Salt Spray

This took so little time and effort I forgot to take pics in between steps, or of anything really. I'm obsessed with my hair, the only problem is that despite being naturally strawberry blonde, it's boring. It's plain and straight and won't hold a curl to save my life. Sometimes I can sock bun it overnight and have good results, sometimes. If I could I would have messy, nappy, kinda dirty beachy hair every damn day of my life. Oh shit, now I can. There are a bazillion recipes out there for at home sea salt spray, but they have so many ingredients that I couldn't have just a real product. I didn't like the idea of leave in conditioner, styling spray and gel, coconut paste, and rubbing alcohol in my hair everyday. I don't use many hair care products, I don't even brush my hair. Really I don't, when it starts to dread I just wrap it so it doesn't grab on to more and go about my business. So yes, if you go digging through my hair, you'll find a few dreads. and feathers, and shells, and who knows what else. I've got really thick hair.
OK, I'm on a bit of a rant, time to reel it in. So for my spray I ditched all the extra nonsense and upped the grain and amount of salt. (there's like a shit ton of salt in the ocean and we're going for a beachy look right?)

You will need-
Spray Bottle
Sea Salt (I used coarse)
Something that smells awesome
and maybe some vodka
1. Mix in about a cup and a half of warm water with about 4-5 teaspoons(depending on size of spray bottle)
2.Add as much smelly good stuff as the bottle will allow
3.Screw on lid, shake, done. 
*the vodka is for the alcohol. It'll absorb any grease or oil on not perfectly clean hair. I just winged the amount, but if you wash your hair regularly don't worry about it. Don't wanna dry your hair out do we?
I used Victoria's Secret Candy, Baby so my hair smells like sea salt and candy. It's fantastic. It's like eating cotton candy on the pier.  

It's Abbey Memphis!!!!
Oh and here is my hair the next day, today. I haven't washed it so it looks even nappier...I love it.
Also, I was going to dye my hair green but decided instead to get bangs. Kyle tends to yell at me when I dye my hair various colors...and then I have to bleach it all out and well I've worked too hard to grow out my natural color for that shit.
I know I should have probably added more photos but I was wearing a few things that are for upcoming posts. And I mean like really, it's beach hair, you know what it looks like. 
A few things, this spray is just for that look. No, there's no gel so it probably won't hold a curl. Yes, if you touch your hair as much as I do your hands will taste like salt. 

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