Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adventures Shredding at the Park

I had more park type pictures but they won't upload and really this is taking so long I'm about to lose my mind. Took my baby to the park, she loved it. 
Oh, and I was wearing this pretty awesome sweater I shredded for summer. 
These shorts aren't finished. I'm waiting for something to come in to complete them. Let me tell you, companies, and the postal service is really pissing me off these days. I've been waiting on new plugs for 16 days now, they're coming from California...I'm in Colorado, that should take like 4 days tops. I mailed a birthday card over a week ago and that boy is still waiting on it. What. The. Hell. Anyway, what I'm waiting for the finish these shorts got shipped this morning so hopefully it'll be here in the next few days.

I'm loving what happened to this sweater...I got a bit carried away during the much so that my fingers are you know how much force it takes to bruise your fingers? 

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