Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The [adult swim] App has full episodes of Home Movies

Guess what?
I broke my camera today. Yep. So while this was going to be a DIY post on shorts. It's not. I'm too aggravated. And I'm aggravated with my boy, that's never fun. And I just realized I'm using Explorer and not Chrome. Ugh, I give up on today. I'm just going to go watch the last night of Hatfields and McCoys (oh yeah, I'm watching it, it's amazing) and call it a night.
Oh yeah, and you can watch full episodes of Home Movies on the [adult swim] app. Since they don't air it anymore and it's the nest show ever, that's exciting.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My love for Gypsy Warrior

Has only grown since the last time I posted about them. Earlier this month I made my first purchase and my first DIY based on they're designs. 
First up I purchased this amazing cut out arrow ring. I love arrows so much I'm trying to figure out the best placement and size for a tattoo. Pretty much what you see here, small and cute. I wear it almost everyday and I think it compliments my other daily rings just perfectly. Get your own arrow ring here.
I also purchased one of their logo tops (available here). Try as I might, I just can't bring myself to actually wear a straight up fringe crop top out about in the world. So I cut out the logo and appliqued it on to an F21 tank. I think it's much better this way. Also, another reason I did this is because the shirt just didn't fit right. I ordered a small/medium but it was still too big and awkward. Not in a way I would wear. 
And finally, I DIY'd a studded phone case like the ones they have one for sale here. I did this for two reasons. 1-Their's are $30 and this cost me $2.80 because I had to order the studs. 2-They don't make cases for my phone. My phone is terrible and shitty and I need to buy a new one soon. I hate Virgin Mobile, it's just the cheapest. 
All I did was take the studs, flatten out the brads as flat as I could get them, and use super duper glue to attach them directly to my phone. I let it sit over night to dry and that's it. The studs show no signs of falling off anytime soon and I saved myself more then $27. I'm thinking I might add another stud in the top right corner but that's where the speakerphone speaker is...
There's about a million other things I want to order from them. I wish I could go to the boutique, it's in California and I am not. That, and my lack of funding are really holding me back. Alas, it's not the end of the world. I plan on maintaining a healthy and inexpensive relationship with them, slowly ordering and DIYing till I have everything I desire. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

How I DIY'd my space bag

It didn't really seem right to try to post this as a step by step DIY. I didn't take great photos of the process and really I'm just showing off. I also thought it was a little more intense than just doing and Inspiration/Results post. Really, it's more of a hybrid. OK, so I think we've established that I love space, right? Click here if you'd like proof Well, I love this whole space trend that's happening right now as well, but have you seen those clothes? They're ridiculously priced. So I decided to just make something myself. After researching tutorials on the subject I decided this one was really the most helpful. I also chose this one because I knew I wanted to make a bag and this one features paints instead of bleach.  
I used acrylic, fabric, and crafts paints. I found thrifted this bag a while back for the purpose of turning it into space. I should mention that I had all the supplies for this forever, I really put off this project for quite some time. Why? Well...I was scared. I knew I really only had one shot with this bag and I was afraid I would screw it up and fail and it wouldn't look like space at all. Then Finally one day I just went for it. I did it all as quickly as I could, not stopping or really looking (except to take photos) until the very end. Oh, and I also used make up sponges, paint and tooth brushes, my fingers, and this reference photo. 
First I started with a layer of black fabric paint. When This got tacky I went in and added splotches of blues and red. When these were tacky I used the make up sponge and my fingers to really get the look I wanted. 
The blending of the two colors was probably the hardest part. It was hard to get them to just blend instead of just going in and making purple. When this step was almost dry I used the old tooth brush and a mixture of white and silver paints to make the stars. 
Lastly, I chose a few spots and really caked on the white to create the star cluster/ moonlight effect. 
And then I was done. I let it sit over night before I attempted to actually use it. I'm mostly happy with the results. I wish I had really gone bolder with the colors and effects. But since it was my first try I didn't want to over do it either. I do get lots of compliments on it and I have been using it as my everyday bag. I plan on either trying to find a similar bag and having another go at it or just painting the back side of this one.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

DIY Floral Crown

Toady I'm going to show you how to make the easiest thing in the world to make, a floral crown. They're cute, whimsy, seasonally appropriate, and if you use real flowers like I did, delicate and green. And also, As I mentioned yesterday I am broke. These flowers were some that my sister bought me for Mother's Day and they were about to die.
You will need-
Needle and Thread
Firstly, cut off all the stems to your flowers at the base. 
Secondly, push your needle and thread through (I seem to have forgotten 9th grade biology class) this green basey part of the flowers. 
Third, just keep stringing them on there. These are flowers so don't smush them all together or you'll damage them. Slide them down until the petals are touching. 
When you reach the size you want, tie off the ends.
Ta-Da! Floral Crown
Now you can be a princess for the day.

 To be safe I made mine a little smaller than my head. I didn't want to worry about it slipping down all day. This is also why I'm calling it a crown and not a headband. 

Friday, May 25, 2012


It's the end of the month yall. Know what that means? It means I am broke, broke, let me say it again, broke. This means that I have to look around and get resourceful if I want to make anything new. I made three new things in the past two days with bits and pieces that I already had lying around. Notice that they have the same feathers and beads? Yeah, that's why.
First I made a new headband. I used feathers, wooden beads, strips of buckskin cord, embroidery thread, and a headband I had bought at WalMart for $1. It had this weird ugly bow on it but for a dollar I figured I could do something nifty. 
Secondly, I made your standard Tshirt scarf/necklace. Tshirt scarves are the easiest, most versatile thing you can make. And if you're just starting out with your crafting one of the first confidence building things you should go about making. I used an old thrifted shirt, and the same wooden beads and feathers as the headband above. 
And now, the piece de resistance.
This was one of those things that happens in your head. You figure out exactly what you need and exactly how to do it in your mind and you have to make it right then and there. Except, mine didn't go that way because I was sitting in a car when I had that moment. I made this last night and I'm proud to say it did go exactly like I planned and it does look exactly like I wanted it to. And well, I'm pretty damn pleased with myself. 
I used, left over chain, jump rings, embroidery thread, tiny bee charms, buckskin cording, the rest of some turquoise and green glass beads. I cut up a necklace for the bone beads, and finally had the center hanging stone leftover from something I got years ago. This is also step 2 for my STS9 outfit.

See, you can make lots of nifty pretty things without having to buy much. All you have to look around and get well...crafty. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2 DIY Restyles

First off, let me apologize for these pictures. They're a little wonky looking, or well, I'm a little wonky looking. I just couldn't seem to take a good picture today and these are the best of the weird bunch, 
By now I think you know I can 't buy something without changing it up a little. I got this shirt for like $9 at UO and yes it fits well but, I don't wear shirts with sleeves. I hate them. 
So take your shirt and lay it out flat, and maybe you know, use a flat surface and not just a blanket you threw over your unmade bed. 
Find the center, pinch the side, cut at an angle. Yay! Now you have a Hi/Low crop top and you can stop there.
Also cut off the sleeves. When cutting sleeves, cut them at an angle, it's a little more flattering.
Hey guess, what?
Now you're take absurd photos of yourself in your new shirt. 
Have I memntioned I'm not really from Colorado but actually Georgia? Oh I have? OK, sorry. What's that? You like my shorts?
These were a $3 pair of jeans, cut off into shorts and bleach splattered...but wait...there's an extra surprise
I also ripped off half the back pocket and studded the underneath!! I love them. This was so super easy to do once I had the studs. I took a pair of needle nose pliers and really rounded in the edges so no, they don't hurt to sit in. After the studs were in I added the bleach. I also though about dying them lime green but I was like no no that's too much. Really, that just means another future post on lime green shorts.
If you're going to do this, be sure you resew down where the flap meets the shorts or it will just keep ripping  down. Yes, that's a glamorous Coke tab tattoo.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boys and Green Hair

Yes, you read the title correctly, this is a post not about anything other than boys and green hair. I'm in a shit mood, my boy is mad at me. I can kind of see why he's mad, but I also think it's stupid that he's choosing to just ignore me...ugh boys. 
 So yes, I don't really feel like editing photos and uploading and all that. So I'm just posting pictures of things that I like to look at. Green hair, and boys. And because I like desperately want green hair and my boy won't let me do it...

Alright, I have to stop now, I could just keep posting pics forever. But I won't. As you can see, don't let shitty music deter my love for you (MGK, guy from All American Rejects)