Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Quite some time ago I was having like, an all around life crisis. And it was ever carrying over into my crafts. This was not fun. Everything I was making was failing or coming out wrong, it just sucked. But, luckily that's all over and done with now.
Here is an example of one of those failures. In the projects defense, I know everything that went wrong. I was making this and despite the pretty clear instructions I used the wrong paint, type of painting, sticker size and kind. So really it was all my own fault. Months later while thrifting I found the correct suggested paint-by-number and decided to give it another go. Here are the results.
I would have preferred to find a paint-by-number with more blue and green tones but this one is like, of a barn or some shit so I thought this White Stripes lyric would fit just perfectly.
Also, did you know that I collect mushrooms? All the ones you see here were found at local thrift stores. I wish that I could find some out in nature but the air here is just too dry. Luckily my bfffl (yeah, we need the extra F) in Georgia is in the process of drying some out to send me! How exciting!

One more thing...
This is me sleeping on a bench when I was 17. Notice my boots with the soles falling off? At least I was reading The Fountainhead...

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