Friday, April 13, 2012

Let's talk about Gypsy Warrior

I don't think I've ever fallen in love this quickly before. I mean I knew of the online boutique, and I may have glanced at it once or twice but I never really looked at it before. And Oh. My. God. is it amazing. I don't even know where to being. I could just start ordering and never stop. Oh man, I could keep going but really, that's boring.
So I'll just show you a few things that I really must have and plan to order soon.

This Ah-mazing Tie-Dye Racerback Dress.
But now that I'm looking at it a litter harder it's occurring to me that I cut all my own t-shirts into racerbacks, really I could just add the back panel and DIY this dress myself...hhmmm perhaps a DIY post was just conceived.
I think we all know that momma loves a Feathered Headband

I want this Fringe Bag crazy hardcore bad, and it's Vegan leather, hello.

How many pairs of Fringe boots do I need?
All of them. I need all of them.

This Lunar Trianlge Necklace isn't even really my style and I love it.

And if you aren't infatuated yet, they have a VINTAGE SECTION as well...oh man it just keep getting better.

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