Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's official

I have an Instagram problem.
(MeganMakesCute, follow, see more)

1. NEW ADVENTURE TIME (I love that show, IDGAF) 2.That's my foot tattoo, it hurt worse than any of the (10) others. 3.Geological. 4. My Diet Coke is so hood. 5. Power Line Trail (that's the actual name)  6. Ok, so when I was 17 one of my good friends gave me this shirt because it's yellow and he thought that was too feminine. It's my favorite shirt in the ENTIRE WORLD and for years I've been afraid to cut into a tank because I didn't want to ruin it. Well today I went for it and I love it and now I can wear it all the time. STOKED. 7. That kid in Africa, better be wearing sequined shoes. 

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