Friday, April 27, 2012

Inspiration/Results 11

This isn't quite the same as other ones. I watched some tutorials on t-shirt reconstruction online last night and this is what I came up with.
This is the inspiration:
Theses are the results:
(also I'm really sorry I wasn't' totally paying attention when I started editing so all these photos look at little different, my B dog, my B)
That iced coffee they have now in cartons?
It's great, not fantastic, but for a whole carton for $4, it's great.
After these were taken I actually decided it wasn't enough and burned the collar and some holes into it. It's much better now. This was an ok fitting shirt, it wasn't super baggy or anything like that so it was easy to make it more form fitting. I added the seam up the middle and the two one either side to take it in. Seams on each side under the armpits, 10 slits each. If you cut your own shirts you know that's where there's the most excess and it's jut like IT am I supposed to do with this? Cut off the sleeves, made it into a deep V. Voila. This was so crazy easy I can't stand it. The actual weaving all together took maybe 4 minutes. The only part that took anytime at all was deciding where to put the slits and how big to make them. This was my first time trying this out and I think it was pretty damn successful. 
I'm wearing this shirt to this AMAZING Star Wars event I'm going to next Friday, May the get it. And I can't wait. at all, my typing just got really erratic from excitement and I keep having to backspace.
I'll definitely be posting pics of that. 

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