Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY No Sew Pincushion

This isn't the most original DIY post I've ever done but I just like mine better.
You'll need-
polyfill, a teacup, glue, fabric, scissors, a course paint brush, and something pretty. 
Firstly, draw a circle a little bigger than your teacup. Hey look you can see how much I paid for this. Then you want to trace a circle around the perimeter of the teacup as well.  
Cut this out and cut little slits all the way around, this will help you glue it down way easier.
Starting at at one side and working your way around glue and and secure the little flaps. Stop when you've got 2-3 left. Let this dry and go have lunch. 
Begin stuffing with your poly fill and gluing down your last two flaps. This is the hardest part and mine didn't come out as perfectly as I would have liked it but you know, these things happen. 
While last drying you can decorate. The fabric I used happens to be my favorite fabric ever and I pretty much hoard it instead of use it. When I decided to use it for this project I knew I had to spruce the teacup just a little more. I go to thrift stores and collect vintage children's books, preferably books on science, nature, and crafts.  That's where I found this adorable little Narwhal. Saturate it with glue, really get it covered, this will help you apply it around the teacup.   
Apply a top layer of glue, seal down any cracks or gaps and there you go!
A cute, slightly crooked, pincushion that took no time at all to make. 
And how can you not smile when you're being smiled at by a Narwhal?

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