Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Fabric Collage Quoted Wall Art

This is what I whipped up today. This is not what I had intended to make, but since my youngest sister is home sick and I couldn't go anywhere I came up with this.
And since I've been asked this twice today already, yes all I do is stay home and make arts and crafts. 
Lots and lots a scrap fabric.
Canvas (I got this one for $2.49 because of the slash in it)
Scissors, Glue, Paint, Paint Brush
Not pictured-
Iron, Iron Board, Light Colored Marker
Start by cutting enough various sized strips of fabric to cover your canvas. The frayed to better! Also, I highly recommend ironing all your strips before gluing, it will make your life easier and your project prettier. 
Once you've done cut them all out go ahead and arrange them properly on your canvas. Play around, figure out what works best, which patterns compliment each other, you know you know, just a good step. 
Start globing on the glue, remember it's fabric so use a heavy glue, like Tacky. Also it's going to spread underneath so there's no reason to super saturate it...that's just a waste of glue. 
Wrap and trim up all your edges, smooth things out, you know make it look legit.
Let the thing completely dry before you begin painting!!!
Now it's time to paint! There's a not photoed step here, take your lightly colored maker and write out your quote, it makes it easier than trying to judge spacing and sizing with paint. 
Painting letters...
I went with my current favorite quote of all time
"All good things are wild and free" -Henry David Thoreau 
Once all the letters are painted on and the corners a glued down it's time for the last step...
Embellishments! I went with just a few buttons that were gifted to me in the upper corner, a little row of daisy trim, and a piece of scrap trim to round out the bottom.
Bam, you're done.
I hope you like it and love making one for yourself! It's easy and pretty in a shabby chic dare I say bohemian way. know.
If I ever make it to the store tonight I'll be back tomorrow with another Inspiration/Results project that you can wear in your hair...they're my favorite thing to make shut up...

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