Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY Bleaching and Ripping shirts

I was trying to fall asleep one night and wearing this Dare tee I got for like .50 thinking man this shirt is boring what can I do. And then the next morning it's the first thing I did. I can prove it.
Why else would I look like this had I not just woken up?
Hey look it's Abbey Memphis
Ok so let's get started. This is really more of an ideas post than an actual DIY project but hey, you wanna do it just like me be my guest.
You'll need-
A tee, of a darker color since we're working with bleach.
Scissors, Exacto-knife
Bleach, try to make sure you DON'T get one with fabric protectant...yeah shut up
Not pictured-rubber bands, spray fabric dye
Start by cutting off the collar and sleeves. Do this little by little, trust me nothings worse than going to try on a shirt only to find out you've got too far with the scissors.
Take the Exacto and start making cuts and holes. I recommend doing this this way since it give more shall we say realistic holes and rips. Come on people let's try to make this look like an "I'm so cool I cut my shirt" shirt. It gives nice edges, it creates much smaller holes, it's just better. Put the scissors down. 
Once you've cut it up to your liking now it's time to fold and secure.
When tye-dying with bleach really it's anything goes as long as you're ready to commit. I decided to use a very distinctive looking technique
To start accordion fold one way.
And then accordion the other way. You should have a neat little square shape at this point. 
Now secure as tightly as possible with as many rubber bands as you like. This is a step that differs from colored dyes. You can't really count on the bands as being a barrier with bleach lie you can with dye. It's really more about how saturated your fabric becomes and many folds you've got. 
After a few hours this is what I got (damn you fabric protectant DAMN YOU!!)
This is really a little too much for my liking. It's too, I don't know, too something 
I then rinsed out all the excess bleach and let the shirt dry for about and hours or so them proceeded to spritz fabric dye all over it until I was happier with the results.  
Lastly, I let it sit out in the sun for about 2 hours. The dye set, the bleach bleached, and I was much happier.
As with anything you're dying or bleaching for the first time, WASH SEPARATELY, in cold water. When I'm doing anything I want ripped up looking I set everything on heavy duty, I want my washer to beat the crap out of my clothes. It gives it a better look I think. Let dry and bam, new shirt.
sometimes I just don't know what to do with my hands.

And there you have it kids! I wish I could say I've got something else super awesome in the works right now but sadly, I do not. I'm working on it though I promise. I've got a lot going on, big big changes are coming up. But I won't fail you.

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