Saturday, April 14, 2012

1 Tube of Seed Beads 3 Quick Pieces

NOTE: In honor of my laptop being functional (amazingly) all of these photos were taken late at night using the crap-tastic webcam. But I'm so proud of my little netbook for working.
So you've got a new thing of seed beads that you bought for 1 project, eh? What do you do with the rest? They're really too small to do much with other than jewelry. Unless you have mad wire sculpting which case you're awesome/ But here are three of the easiest, most simple ideas of what to do with the delicate beads.
Take an oversized clasp, some embroidery thread, 3 beads or your choice and make a bracelet. I made mine putting the 3 turqouise beads way off center near the clasp, with 3 seed beads in between. 3's go with 3's.

Make this bracelet using your seeds, some scrap leather, and a couple wooden beads as close it.
(Is it awkward that I'm wearing a lace shirt?)
Make a tiny, delicate necklace using a tiny delicate charm. Mines a tiny English coin with Queen Elizabeth the Second's image.
And there you have it! 3 easy and quick delicate peices of jewelry using seed beads. I got this tube today for $2 and I just looked around and found the other componets. Three little acessories for $2!?!
This post isn't the greatest but that's a pretty good deal...
(ok you got me I took this one with Instagram...MeganMakesCute...btw)
Make Jewlery. Eat Candy.

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