Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why hello there

I'm so busy and so stressed out and so frantic most of the time that I completely forget to post most days. Then the days when I do remember there's either no time or some kind of computer malfunction and I just can't stand the pressure!!!
But I'm here now, and this is what I've been up to, crafty wise. 

Hollowed out book jewelry box

I've been meaning to hollow out a book for ages, I actually go out and buy books for this very purpose. It's just one of those things that's slips my mind as soon as I get home. The other day I saw a tutorial for the very things over on Sincerely, Kinsey and was all like "oh yea, hollowed books." so I got right on top of it and this is what I made. The graphic is a papercut I made a while back so I just painted it black and slapped it on there with some glue. I've had a few people ask if I'm selling these, which is crazy flattering and if I think there's really an interest in them then I most certainly will. Unless I find a vintage copy of Peter Pan, in which case I will cherish it forever and this one will go up for sale instead.
I'm so obsessed with Peter Pan right now. 

Hand carved Stamp Tag

Another thing I've been talking about doing for a while is making some stamps to carry around and tag the world with. Some people use spray paint, some people print stickers, but I'm better than that. And stamps are just a lot more discrete than carrying around a can of spray paint. So look for posts documenting the best places I've tagged so far.

Yes yes. more results from tutorials on Sincerely, Kinsey, it's quickly becoming my favorite blog for DIY projects, everything she makes is just so damn lovely and my style.

Nebula Wall Art

Ok these are a little out of my crafty character but the only thing I love more than feathers and Peter Pan right now is space. This was super easy and super quick and loosely based off a project from A Beautiful Mess

Feather clip-ins

Oh, that's right, I rock em. And I rock the shit outta them too. I made a couple of couple of these but I've had to switch out almost all the clips they came with. Waif clips are the only ones that will stay in my hair all day.

(read story below for explanation on this picture)
A little story through texts...
Kyle- send me some pictures of your beautiful self.
Megan-I'm not sending you naked pictures dude
Kyle-No of your face, with clothes ON silly goose. I'm setting it as my phone background.
Megan-Oh ok hold on then, this is like more awkward actually.
Kyle-Only because you're making it awkward.
Megan-I'm an awkward girl.
Kyle-I concur. 

I promise promise promise to post tomorrow, I've already got it almost ready to go. But for now I have to do stupid homework.

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