Sunday, March 25, 2012

Inspiration/Results 5

Oh Mrs. Kinsey Mhire, how lovely lovely you are. Her blog, Sincerely, Kinsey has just recently become one of my daily favorites. She has the most adorable style, her projects rock and she's just, just, ok I have a bit of a girl crush.
I do a lot of her projects actually, probably more than any other blog I read, most of the time I see a project she's done and I feel like I have to do it right then and there. Such was the case with the Branch Picture Frame Project
This is the inspiration.
This is the result. 
I'm held back by not being able to put holes in the wall so I had to a hanger piece to the top. And I haven't really printed off any photos larger enough to justify a frame like this so I used one a a set of mushroom plates  from this vintage botanical book that I've been holding onto forever.
I'm going to make more for sure but I'm also so charmed by the painted sticks that I'm thinking I might go collect and create a whole little Mason jar display of them later on today.
Oh my tiny room, I fill it up so quick.

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