Saturday, March 24, 2012

DIY/Restyle/BleachDyed Shirt

I buy super cheap clothes and then...make them better
This DIY really isn't anything special or new it just turned out pretty cool so I thought sure why not.
Some how the picture I took for What You'll Need did not show up anywhere on my computer and has misteriously disappeared from my camera...
You Will Need-
A shirt you want to make better

I like my tanks to be short in the front party in the back. To do this, just lay the shirt flat out front to back and cut at an angle, not too drastically might I add, unless you want a crop top, then by all means.
Then I just started cutting a random hole pattern varying in size and shape.
Not pictured-
I also cut out the collar seem to make it slightly more flattering, also making it slightly more revealing.
The bleach process, I dyed with bleach and rubber bands at first then when I wasn't happy with those results just simply put it in the wash. It went through three processes there, I added bleach to the cycle, I slash dyed, I splattered, I at one point just poured the damn bleach right on top.
These are the results.
It was daytime so the under tank is only appropriate.
Bam, there you go, now you've turned a $4 tank into something cool and one of a kind.

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