Thursday, December 8, 2011

i need new plugs

I did have a really nice set of metal tunnels, but you know one fell in the toilet and got flushed away so I had to get a new set, which I got from Hot Topic and they suck. They're too long, the bands keep falling of because they're only tapered on one side, they just suck. I need new ones.
So I've narrowed it down to three-
These really awesome Banksy ones...I think I might go with these, they're pretty amazing
These vintage American flag ones that I'm oddly attracted to because I am surprisingly patriotic, I was planning on wearing a flag shirt tomorrow actually
These  because, well obviously
I think I'm getting the Banksy s ones, they're probably the coolest and cleanest looking or I might just get all three

OH AND IN OTHER NEWS I am happy to announce that I will be going to GEORGIA for a very quick visit in less than a month, omfg I'm so stoked, you don't understand.
Kyle, Rachel and possibly Victor all in one trip?!?!?!? My heart can't it, it will be like the best day ever.

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