Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Needle felting, tutorial, diy mushroom

 You will need-
Pretty roving, I wish I knew more about this, I know this is natural dyed wool I get from Fancy Tiger but that's about all I know, I don't by it weighted because I don't know how, it normally just comes in bundled packs, which you can now buy at major craft stores.
Needle felting needle...watch out, this is a triangular barbed piece of steel, which you will be repeatedly stabbing with. You will stab your finger and it will hurt. Also watch out, because they can break and go flying into your eye.
1. It's all about wisps, pinch off what you think you'll need, I always get more than I mean to but it all gets compacted down anyway.
2. Take roving and rigorously roll it between your palms until it starts to form some kind of shape, I was making a mushroom so I did it until I got a stalk shape.
3. Take stalk and fold it in half, and then in fourths and then roll that together
4. Now it's time to felt! This is really just a process of stabbing and matting all that roving together until is so tangled it won't loss shape. Do it at a slight angle to avoid ugly pin holes and go around and around to avoid making it flat
Ta-da, shroom stalk
5. Take some more wisps for the cap, you want way more than the stalk. Roll it into a ball shape, the tighter and more ball shaped the easier it will be to actually felt. Felting balls is a pain in the ass and they make tools to get around it, I might look into that.
6. Needle felt away! This is harder because you really want it to be even all the way around, without any lumps or bumps. You also want it to look like a solid piece, so work on hiding the connecting pieces
7. Take slivers, if you think you have too little, you have too much...trust me. and roll them into teeny tiny balls with your fingers. These should be so small you don't need to felt them together at all, just to connect them to the cap.
8. If you want to get fancy with it, take like literally a single fiber, roll, connect, depth.
9. Somehow I didn't get a photo of this but basically, take your stalk and cap and felt them together, make sure its felted and matted really really well or else it will fall apart.
10. Place outside with your handmade felted gnome...oh wait you didn't already make on of these? I got this one at this years Horseshoe Market, at Vital's booth (you should go there and support my LOCAL GOODS MARKETS lol, they have some kickass clothes, I know I have some) and while I can't find the link for this kit, here's a pretty awesome one
I hope this helped, I learned to felt from this kit...

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