Friday, November 18, 2011

EEW#7 On a Friday

I know it's Friday ok, I'm sorry, I don't think anyone actually reads these anyway so bite me

Diamonds and Crystals...
I love the look of rough/raw/natural cut diamonds. My mom said "Megan that's not a diamond that's coal..." I just think there so interesting looking.
This poster print by Debbie Carlos
I mentioned a few days ago how much I love her work
Oh wait I have this ring and I'm sorry but One Stop Ring Shop is lying, this ring came from Target, as did some of the others listed, and it's not a natural stone, it's acrylic...this is awkward.
Sooo pretty
I am IN LOVE with this amazing necklace by Georgie Designs

So now for some unrelated notes-
Doing and upcoming guest post for my friends lovely sewing blog
Going to craft shows this weekend and having Abbey Memphis' pictures made on Sunday, my mother in insisting on it.
Had a great thrifting day...really probably one of the best
Oh and I was at this store today trying to decide if I really need a new Juicy Couture wallet and in the process Abbey threw up on me twice, so I took it as a sign and left...

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