Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY ReStyle a Thrifted T-shirt

Boys t-shirts are one of my favorite things to thrift, but they aren't the most flattering. And I really don't like shirts with sleeves, nice shirts, well fitting long sleeved, band t-shirts ok but everyday I wear some kind of tank, everyday. I love long sleeved dresses, and sweaters but idk I just hate having my shoulders covered for the most part, I'm a girl, show a little something gosh.
Thrifted (or not) t-shirts, pins, scissors, and your favorite tank
1.Put your tee inside your tank and line them up nice and straight and start pinning the crap out of them, just to be safe.
1 1/2.I used a racer back tank so it's really important to pin the back and to keep the back in mind while you're cutting as well.
2.Cut one layer at a time, don't just go hacking away at the thing like you know what you're doing, unless of course you do know then by all means...
2 1/2.I started with the back and worked my way around, I found it was a lot easier to cut off some of the excess at first just to get it out of the way and give me better control.
That's all, you're done, if you did it correctly your new shirt should look just like your old shirt...ok I cut mine a little too low (even for me) and had to put a bandeau underneath it, luckily I had one that matches.

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