Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holy Crap

Am I busy.
With school (which I just started), with divorce (hello daily emotional roller coasters), with being a single parent (thanks Dustin, really), with the projects I've got going on (posts to come) and like trying to be social when Abbey is in the Springs, I just don't have time for anything anymore.
Seriously, I'm not really doing anything these days but reading text books and crying.
I do have some projects to share and some things to say and since I've got the first half of my homework done I might work on some posts later and just schedule them to appear so I seem less like a loser.
I'm just not having a good life right now, well actually my life has gotten pretty damn good and productive all be it slightly over whelming except for oh yea, my husband is divorcing me for no reason and treats me like garbage.
It's pretty fun to feel worthless everyday you know, good shit.
Now, I've got to go do my art homework and probably some more reading, but I am getting it done and well before it's due, so at least I've got that going for me right?
I will try, I will, I'm planning on having everything done tomorrow night so worst case scenario I spend Friday working on posts, but really I haven't even been reading blogs lately, too damn busy.

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