Sunday, September 4, 2011

Screw Century Link

 I couldn't get online all damn day yesterday because of the worst internet provider in the galaxy Century Link. Let me tell you about our troubles with this provider
1-Some days your laptop won't connect at all and you get this annoying Thank You! for trying page instead of your homepage.
2-Basically only one person can be connected at a time...we have 3 smart phones, 2 desktops, 2 laptops, 1 xbox360, 1 ipad and we stream's annoying
(I'm not trying to brag I'm trying to illustrate how obnoxious it is that only one person can be on at a time)
3-Yea, anytime you want to stream something from Netflix, no one can be on at all, or it flickers and blinks and skips the whole time. Actually that one doesn't so much affect me because I usually want to watch whatever is streaming..
4-It is p a i n f u l l y s  l  o  w. This is annoying to me, it is enraging to my dad and brother who are both serious online gamers. My dad is constantly yelling "insert name GET OFF THE INTERNET!" while he's playing, and lately no one has even been on.
(My dad is one of those guys that also has two monitors set up for like a maximum game experience)
5-At any given moment it can decided you're done being online and just kick you off and you can't get back on, this has happened the past few times I've been trying to post. Only I didn't know I had been kicked off, so I just kept typing, and it just kept not saving...
Ok, I'm done with that...serious this company sucks balls, it was never a problem when they were just Qwest

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