Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kind of another failure

A few weeks ago, or maybe sometime last month I saw this adorable DIY project on A Beautiful Mess, so I've been looking for a paint by number ever since. Yesterday I didn't find a paint by number but I did find this weird kind of ugly painting of trees so I decided to use that and a quote from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, I don't know why I sourced that but ok.
It didn't really go like I had planned, I think it's kind of a failure.
I know what went wrong, if that counts for anything. I used the wrong kind of and too small stickers. I didn't properly measure or line up any of them. I completely rushed through it, I didn't even do this on a table or anything I did it standing up with it just in my hands trying not to drop it.
I'm not totally giving up though, I'll be back on the hunt, and I'll use the same quote.
Actually I really wanted to use this Blind Melon lyric, but it sounded too much like a One Republic lyric and I hate them so this one was actually me second choice.

I was thinking about making the drive to my house today...I'm "allowed to be there" again (that has to be a good sign right?) but it's Wednesday and my sister's school is retarded. Ok so they have A day and B days which is fine I get it on B days she doesn't have to be there till 11 but on Wednesdays it's a late day for the school so she doesn't have to be there till like 12:30. Whatever, leaving at 12;30 to go there will put me there way later in the day than I wanted to be so, screw it I'll just go tomorrow or whatever.
But, I'm not moving out yet, that's not why I'm going, I'm not going to start moving out just yet. That is kind of exciting and sort of makes me feel like all is not lost but like I said the other day I don't want to go into it just yet and I don't want to like get all excited about it.
I'm going to get some clothes and bags and jewelry and take them to a few places to sell. I'm actually going to make some calls today to see which one of them offers the most and then start there, descending order, you get it.
As for today, even though I just got done watching The Tudors from the beginning I'm going to watch it again, there's nothing really on Netflix I feel like watching and I wasn't really paying attention the first time.

I literally just processed that it's Wednesday, I know I was talking about it earlier and like really, it just hit me. If I can I'll be back later to do EEW#4 but if I can't (I'm using a desktop because surprise no connection on my laptop) it will be there tomorrow. I can't believe I just spaced like that I've been thinking up things to do it on since last weeks. I'll make it happen, just not now, now I have to go wrestle things out of Abbey's mouth.

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