Sunday, September 4, 2011

Farmer's Market

Does it make me sound painfully white and from the suburbs to say that I love farmer's markets? Oh wait no it does not, it makes me sounds hip because I'm buying locally and supporting small businesses, yea...I'm with it.
 Seriously, the best tamales and quesadilla in the world. Some days I want to go there and buy like ten bags of her homemade tortillas and just eat those and nothing else.
They're that good.

Kleino's Rocky Mountain Jerky in wildfire and Zuberfizz Soda in orange cream were my two purchases. My mom bought a bunch of produce, including some beautiful yellow squash and zucchini that I have big planes for.
This whole mess with Dustin and I is even more annoying when I'm surrounded by things that I know he would love. I'm not going to buy them of course, not like now, for no reason, no thanks.

I look kind of really fat in this picture

Things I did not buy but really wanted to
-White chocolate lemon me it's amazing
-Blackberry Honey Jam
-Never frozen fresh FRESH chicken
-A chicken
-Pull apart Peach treats
-A few little hair things for Abbey Memphis
-I really want to sign up for the milk delivery
-and tons and tons of produce

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