Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Abbey Memphis 2 photo heavy

Yea I'm still working on getting these uplaoded...shut up my kid's cute anyways, like you'd get bored of seeing her

Ok so this looked a lot better when we first got it but Abbey is at that stage where everything goes in her mouth so she's been chewing on this for a while.

It's reversable!!!

Everything made by the beautiful and talented Jordann


I don't know about you but I am one of the cult like viewers of the amazing show Mad Men. I will embarrassingly admit that although I had always wanted to watch this show I just started and I'm way behind. I stream it from the beginning with my parents, who unlike myself only watch an episode at a time, and I'm only a few episodes into season 3.
What the hell was I even doing before this show? How could I not have been watching it all along? I love every minute, every line, every outfit, every location of this show.
Seriously, if you don't watch it, go now and start, come back and we'll talk about it.
Today's EEW is what happen when you type Mad Men, All Items into search.
And oh yea, I want it all.

I'm pretty sure Betty Draper has this in her closet.

Oh, June...

If I were Peggy...

For drinking at the office...

How I wish we all still wore hats...

Dustin would really love this...

Because you could smoke everywhere, and everyone did...

Ok I could go on for hours so let me just stop now.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Abbey Memphis

So months ago I mentioned that I got the amazing package of goodies from Jordann, well pretty much since then I've been promising to post these pictures for her shop. Yesterday I finally took them, well partly, because I'm also supposed to post pictures of the things she's made for me and I haven't because I just don't feel cute these days.
But here is my beautiful girl, who turned 8 months old last Sunday.

So there's actually a lot more than this and I will post them tomorrow but as for today, I just spent a little over an hour waiting for them all to load and when they finally were almost done, I got randomally kicked out of the window and well I'm just too irate to deal with this right now.

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Nebulas are so hot right now"

Oh yea, that's a real quote from someone I know.

And it's so know, in a less stupid sounding kind of way.

So actually all of this is a wee too much for me, I would recommend bits and pieces.
For the record I would never, ever, recommend a jumpsuit, for anyone, any where.

These are hand painted?!?!? I mean I'm good, but I don't think I'm this good.
I've never wanted a pair of wedges so bad in my life, ok ok I've never wanted a pair of wedges before in my life period.

I'm torn, I love these and I prefer to wear leggings instead of pants but I really don't like things that appear to be coming out of my vagina...but hey maybe that's just me.

It's so good...

If this is still available in a few days I' getting it, oh wait don't you go and order it now, unless you'll be buying if for me!

Oh wow these just like scream my sisters name

So that was my little tid bit on the amazing nebula trend...I'll have something more relevant some other time, maybe today you never know...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

so last night

I went to this...event? I guess that's what we'll call it, anyway. Dustin had Abbey which is good for her but terrible for me and I miss her and can't wait for her to come home, but basically I needed something to do.
So I went to this event for sticker art put of by a large company, hosted by a few other very very large companies none of which I feel like going through and linking so I guess it's a mystery.
Yes, when I saw the flier I was sold by the free beer, can you guess what one of the companies was yet?
In addition to free beer they also gave out like a shit ton of pretty awesome free stickers, other stupid corporate swag and you got a free customizable t shirt with some of the art featured.

I feel bad because I didn't really look at the artist names or I would totally set up a link to their websites...sorry.
And then I went with this kid to this place and we played Mortal Kombat and pinball and ok that was kind of alright, nothing came out of it though like I didn't even give him my number and like everyone has my number.

I'm still too sad do really be doing that, guys thing. It hurts too much and I don't want anyone else, just Dustin. Who took me to court last Tuesday to sign divorce starting papers, oh yea I cried right there, it was horrible.
So it's really happening now. I feel so stupid, the whole relationship makes me feel stupid and like that I really thought he would snap out of it.
I really did
I love him so much and I don't care if that makes me sound pathetic right now, I can't help it.
And now I'm crying so I have to stop.
I think I'll be ok, just not yet, it hurts too bad.

Friday, September 23, 2011

if you abandoned me

I don't blame you, I haven't done anything in weeks.
Gimme a fucking break ok.
I'm having a hard life and my Internet connection totally sucks and well ok ok I'm sorry.
I'll get back on track and like start updating a lot more, daily ideally.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not Good

I am not doing well, not well at all.
I've never felt so hurt or so helpless before in my life.
I would do absolutely anything to stop this from happening and to just have our life back.
I don't even care, I do not fucking care what that means.
I'm willing to work on getting past all of this.
I just want our happy little life back.

That's all I got...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kind of another failure

A few weeks ago, or maybe sometime last month I saw this adorable DIY project on A Beautiful Mess, so I've been looking for a paint by number ever since. Yesterday I didn't find a paint by number but I did find this weird kind of ugly painting of trees so I decided to use that and a quote from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, I don't know why I sourced that but ok.
It didn't really go like I had planned, I think it's kind of a failure.
I know what went wrong, if that counts for anything. I used the wrong kind of and too small stickers. I didn't properly measure or line up any of them. I completely rushed through it, I didn't even do this on a table or anything I did it standing up with it just in my hands trying not to drop it.
I'm not totally giving up though, I'll be back on the hunt, and I'll use the same quote.
Actually I really wanted to use this Blind Melon lyric, but it sounded too much like a One Republic lyric and I hate them so this one was actually me second choice.

I was thinking about making the drive to my house today...I'm "allowed to be there" again (that has to be a good sign right?) but it's Wednesday and my sister's school is retarded. Ok so they have A day and B days which is fine I get it on B days she doesn't have to be there till 11 but on Wednesdays it's a late day for the school so she doesn't have to be there till like 12:30. Whatever, leaving at 12;30 to go there will put me there way later in the day than I wanted to be so, screw it I'll just go tomorrow or whatever.
But, I'm not moving out yet, that's not why I'm going, I'm not going to start moving out just yet. That is kind of exciting and sort of makes me feel like all is not lost but like I said the other day I don't want to go into it just yet and I don't want to like get all excited about it.
I'm going to get some clothes and bags and jewelry and take them to a few places to sell. I'm actually going to make some calls today to see which one of them offers the most and then start there, descending order, you get it.
As for today, even though I just got done watching The Tudors from the beginning I'm going to watch it again, there's nothing really on Netflix I feel like watching and I wasn't really paying attention the first time.

I literally just processed that it's Wednesday, I know I was talking about it earlier and like really, it just hit me. If I can I'll be back later to do EEW#4 but if I can't (I'm using a desktop because surprise no connection on my laptop) it will be there tomorrow. I can't believe I just spaced like that I've been thinking up things to do it on since last weeks. I'll make it happen, just not now, now I have to go wrestle things out of Abbey's mouth.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This was going to be a DIY

On just in case you didn't know how to use fabric dyes, but it didn't really turn out the way I had expected it to.
So now it's just a post on like tips and tricks
 Oh no! This dress is ugly!
When you're out thrifting around or just going through your rarely worn things remember, you can always mix it up into something new.
I got this dress for $2 because it was easy and simple but the color was ugly, so I figured I would just dye it and call it a day.
And I wanted a green dress, I thought.
When working with dye I like to-
except for the boiling of the water, do everything outside
use salt, whether the package says so or not, usually 1/4 cup added to the water while it's boiling
use the same pot over and over, to avoid complaints from other people using it
stir with a whisk, you don't have to, but I do

OK so this is where I started to realize maybe this wouldn't turn out like I had hoped.
Most packaged at home dyes will tell you how much water to use, depending on how much I'm dying with that color I usually cut that amount in half because I like a richer darker color.
This time I'd say I cut it down to about 1/3
Let the water come to a full roaring boil, it helps the color and fabric mesh better
you want to keep it moving pretty consistently for 10-15 mins and then let it sit for about 45
yes the longer you leave it in the darker it will get, to a certain point,
I left mine in over night, I sort of forgot about it quite honestly

It turned out to be the greenest thing I've ever seen.
It's like I just discovered the color, I mean you might not get it so much from these photos but trust me, you've never seen something so so so green  before
And then I just thought to myself, "fear not Megan, you'll just dye it again" (ok my internal monologue is not in third, wait second?, person I promise)
This is important to know and you need to learn it if you don't already know
I once had a dress that had turned a horrible pink color so I just said screw it and attempted to dye it black. I left it in the dye for two days, it's still that horrible color.
Fabric is tricky and temperamental and much like an elephant, it never forgets.
I turned this dress, which really wasn't that ugly to begin with. this color and now I have to live with it.

I suppose it's not the worst and I threw a 1/4 cup of bleach into the wash with it, so that helped a bit.

Also, rinse out all the excess color before you wash it, I do this just to ease the minds of my parents, but you should do it anyways.
Wash on a Hot to Cold cycle.
Hot to really get it all out, cold to seal it in and keep it bright.
Wash all your clothes on a cold cycle all the time if you can, except when they've just been thrifted.
I also usually let fresh dyed things hang to dry, but I don't know why.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Farmer's Market

Does it make me sound painfully white and from the suburbs to say that I love farmer's markets? Oh wait no it does not, it makes me sounds hip because I'm buying locally and supporting small businesses, yea...I'm with it.
 Seriously, the best tamales and quesadilla in the world. Some days I want to go there and buy like ten bags of her homemade tortillas and just eat those and nothing else.
They're that good.

Kleino's Rocky Mountain Jerky in wildfire and Zuberfizz Soda in orange cream were my two purchases. My mom bought a bunch of produce, including some beautiful yellow squash and zucchini that I have big planes for.
This whole mess with Dustin and I is even more annoying when I'm surrounded by things that I know he would love. I'm not going to buy them of course, not like now, for no reason, no thanks.

I look kind of really fat in this picture

Things I did not buy but really wanted to
-White chocolate lemon me it's amazing
-Blackberry Honey Jam
-Never frozen fresh FRESH chicken
-A chicken
-Pull apart Peach treats
-A few little hair things for Abbey Memphis
-I really want to sign up for the milk delivery
-and tons and tons of produce

Screw Century Link

 I couldn't get online all damn day yesterday because of the worst internet provider in the galaxy Century Link. Let me tell you about our troubles with this provider
1-Some days your laptop won't connect at all and you get this annoying Thank You! for trying page instead of your homepage.
2-Basically only one person can be connected at a time...we have 3 smart phones, 2 desktops, 2 laptops, 1 xbox360, 1 ipad and we stream's annoying
(I'm not trying to brag I'm trying to illustrate how obnoxious it is that only one person can be on at a time)
3-Yea, anytime you want to stream something from Netflix, no one can be on at all, or it flickers and blinks and skips the whole time. Actually that one doesn't so much affect me because I usually want to watch whatever is streaming..
4-It is p a i n f u l l y s  l  o  w. This is annoying to me, it is enraging to my dad and brother who are both serious online gamers. My dad is constantly yelling "insert name GET OFF THE INTERNET!" while he's playing, and lately no one has even been on.
(My dad is one of those guys that also has two monitors set up for like a maximum game experience)
5-At any given moment it can decided you're done being online and just kick you off and you can't get back on, this has happened the past few times I've been trying to post. Only I didn't know I had been kicked off, so I just kept typing, and it just kept not saving...
Ok, I'm done with that...serious this company sucks balls, it was never a problem when they were just Qwest

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It was an odd day

This is actually from yesterday and like we're having major connection problems in this house so I wasn't just being lazy

Abbey Memphis and I spent the day with Dustin and it went...
surprisingly well...?
We didn't really fight, we were kind of acting almost like things were fine again and I gave him like 3 wet willy's in a row because he was ignoring me. Like wtf right? And then he kind of dropped this bombshell  on me but like I'm not really going to get into it just yet. For one, I'm not totally sure I believe him and I don't know it he was telling the truth and all that shit. And two, I don't want to spoil it if it was true. I think it was, I want to believe it was...I don't even think he's like really that cruel. 

 Have I mentioned that I've lost so much weight I can now put my vintage fringe boots on with ease?
Seriously it used to be like a half hour process to wiggle into was really exciting when I found this out.
Eep! No make-up, bed time.
So I've been using the Apple Cider Vinegar Toner for two days now and yes while I do realize that it is much too soon to see any super results, I'm already happy with it.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

God Bless Our Pad

Isn't this the greatest! I found it the other day at my favorite thrift store and I was so excited, I've been looking for one like this for ages.
It was a totally successful trip, I also got two dresses and this shirt that I had been looking for at a store forever but they never restocked them and then POOF there it was, for less that half the price. Score.
Oh, well, almost totally successful...
I also found this beautiful wrap around leather journal with hand made paper pages that had never been used, I mean it was gorgeous and brand new and they wouldn't sell it to me! It didn't have a price on it and instead of like I don't know calling and asking someone they were just like I'm sorry we can't sell this.
Liars! They probably just wanted it for themselves.
What's really stupid is that I think it did have a price tag on it and it fell of mid-store but I wasn't sure so I just didn't bother to pick it up or anything.
Oh well...

And now I'm going to go mix up this Apple Cider Vinegar Toner I saw over on the velvet bird. I have like ok skin, its better than it was when I was younger and I certainly taking better care of it than I did then but I'm still waiting for it to realize "oh hey, we aren't teenagers anymore, let's stop this breakout none sense"
I really hope it works and doesn't like make my skin freak out even more.