Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Want to know a few things about me?

- I have eight tattoos. One, my first one, is Equality 7-2521 form Anthem. One is lyrics, one is a quote from a movie, one is a coke tab for my BFFFL Rachel, I have three hearts in a row for my three younger siblings. And the rest are just there.
(This is Rachel)
-When there's nothing on TV that I actually want to watch I watch whatever is on this. Seriously I can tell you tons about Henry VIII, the crystal caves, the plague, cults. I figure if there's noting else on I might as well learn something.
-I've been reading The Catcher in the Rye for roughly four months and I'm not even half way done, obviously I'm not reading it very diligently.
-I love tofu, seriously I could eat tofu, vegetables, and brown rice everyday and never get sick of it as long as it had a new sauce on it.
(Brown Rice, Vegetables, Tofu and Jerk sauce, yum yum)
-Although, I would prefer to eat tacos...but that doesn't sound as interesting does it
-I bruise like a peach, or a banana, whichever bruises easier.
-I'm terrible at math.
-There are two things in this world that I find absolutely disgusting. Whipped cream and people bleeding from the mouth. Don't ask me to smell anything either.
-I'm a stickler for manners.
-I might be gullible, I don't know it's hard to tell.


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