Thursday, August 11, 2011

Something slightly boring lol

I really do not feel like going into what went down today, because it wasn't very good. But I managed to save it and uh, I really can't fuck up this time.
Oh and I have become so used to guys being mad at me (eh-hem Dustin) that I realized that I just kind of assume they're all mad at me.
Yesterday I was talking to my ex boyfriend turned good friend Ricky (I asked him if he would kindly mail me a few things from Savannah I can't find here) and then when he didn't respond I assumed he was ignoring me because he was mad and I was very hurt and upset. 30 minutes later he apologized whole heartedly for not responding quick enough because he got caught up in something and had no problem mailing them to me.
Last night I said something to my dearest Kyle, who ok I kind of totally love, which I knew he would get upset about and then when he didn't talk to me all day I assumed he was in fact super mad at me. This one really hurt and I got super sad and sent him a few less than nice text messages sort of all at once and then he called me, told me to calm my ass down because he wasn't mad he was trying to make money to come visit me.
I felt like a super ass, both time. This is what happens when someone is this mean to you for this long I guess.
I do need to chill the fuck out though, it's a personality flaw really. I'm just so obsessive and crazy about everything.
And here for no reason at all are some random web cam photos I just took (not nudey ones sorry) because pictures make everything better and more interesting

I naturally look this way. No I'm not upset, no I'm not depressed, no I'm not mad. I just look like this lol. No really, I promise. At least I'm not a natural bitch face. Saying that has gotten me into trouble before, no I don't think you:re a bitch but you know, some girls just have a bitch face.

Abbey farts, or fluffers as we like to say, like an old man, who like ate cabbage and cheese.

And here you go, I almost never smile in pictures by myself, I feel dumb.

Ok tomorrow I really really need to go to the financial aid office. Like hardcore.

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