Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mail Call

I'm not going tI did not post yesterday, because I went to my house, and it did not go well and I was not in the mood.
o get into it though. But I will say...
that stupid bitch.
But I did get my mail! I love mail, it's like a little suprise.
 Even though I got it almost a month last, (gees Dustin it's not like you couldn't have told me about it) I got this awesome birthday card from Rachel!!
I was so excited, I thought she had forgotten about it, but no!
I really wish I could go visit Rachel and get away from all this shit. Our baby girls would play together and then they would be BFFFLs too.

And then I got my little thank you card for donating to Red Velvet's Kickstarter project, it's so cute.
You should totally check out that website, its full of creative projects and ideas that need funding, they usually start at a dollar and you normally get something for donating. If you know, knowing you apart of some one's dreams weren't enough.

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