Monday, August 29, 2011

Just a few bits and peices

Tomorrow, I will be productive. I will go to the school and sort out the rest of financial aid. I will go to the post office. I will do all of that errand shit that I just couldn't get to today. For one, my sister needed a ride to school at 11 and I really wanted to get going a lot earlier than that and two, I've mentioned that Abbey is teething and well I don't know what kind of day she's having right now. I'm really afraid of being in the office and she just starts freaking out and I can't leave or I just have to leave and give up for the day. So tomorrow, tomorrow will be productive.
I just approved someone on facebook that I don't know and we don't have any mutual friends...odd but ok then.
Don't let her fool you, she's about to freak out, I can tell.

Tomorrow I will be productive.
 I kind of hate not wearing my wedding ring, I really love it

Isn't this like the cutest thing you've ever seen? I didn't even thrift this, it was my great grandmothers and I had to fight my mom for it.

Oh see, there she goes, my baby girl is not happy. I gave her medicine in advance today so hopefully it will kick in soon and I can at least get dressed. I tell ya, being left like this hurts a lot less when you look good. I can do better, he can't. HA! Actually yesterday we were on the phone and I think he may have had a moment of realising that, he'll never admit it so I'll never know for sure but I think you could tell, I could at least.
Ok, now off to take care of that baby girl.

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