Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hello Hello Hello

Lol I'm in a pretty good mood right now so I thought I would post before it all turns to shit.
Well well well where should I even begin?
Dustin-we aren't speaking for two weeks, we're not communicating at all and then when we're all clear headed and not coming right out of a fight we'll see where we want to be. This is what I've been trying to do since the beginning and ok it's mostly my fault it hasn't happened yet but he finally said he would and he promised to like be positive about everything instead of gloomy and final. I think a lot of it has to do with me pointing out that he's been doing this for over two months, it takes three to get divorced and you would think that if he really wanted to do this as bad as he claims, well we'd almost be divorced. Right, I mean that's a pretty fucking good point if I do say so myself.
So like hopefully this will work in my favor, because I'm pretty tired of this. And anyways like this is what it's going to be like if we do get divorced, I honestly don't care about having a good relationship with him if he's going to do this. Like I don't want to be your fucking friend dude.
Abbey-she has a cold, it's kind of sad, and she's the carrier monkey so everyone in the house is getting sick too. She also stood up last night, from sitting, while holding my hands for balance obviously but still, it's pretty impressive.
Other people-I finally talked to my beloved Rachel and it was awesome I can't wait to see her. Hhmm who else? OH YEA, I'm a chick and I'm not ugly or fat and I love Star Wars (lol why did I link that? Like you don't know what it is) BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN I will or even want to be asked to be you're personal Princess Leia, lol please stop asking guys.
Craft wise-I'm really into making head bands
This one is inspired by Giant Dwarf star head band. I went to her shop to order one and she appeared to be out, she has now re listed them and hers are better anyways so go get one of hers lol.
I've also become really interested in Pyrex, well vintage Pyrex dish ware, from thrift stores. I've always loved it but when I was reading through the Retro Beauty School course she talks about using the old dishware as storage for keeping craft supplies organized, brilliant. It's so cute and handy so I've been buying it up. And it last forever and is pretty much indestructible, you know unless you drop it.
Oh goodness, Abbey is sick and throwing a fit so I should probably go look into that. I promise to post tomorrow too, so come back for that lol.

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