Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Extravagant Etsy Wednesday

I told you I'd be back today.
Today EEW doesn't really have a set theme, I literally just search All Items, Highest Price and this is what came up. I like to see how high people value themselves and their craft, no matter how good or bad it really is.
Also for the sake of not being mean or insulting or anything other than nice I won't be commenting on any of these, just listing the price.

Violino by Alked Derhemi
$100,000.00 + $1100.00 shipping
The Phoenician's Treasure Gown by Olivia Barnard-Firth
approx $20168.07 +$83.03 shipping
$16500.00 + $200.00 shipping

Ok, I'm sorry I just cannot go on, I know I know, not so "extravagant" but I can not do it. It's too hard not to just be like wtf at some of these things and also a lot of people list ridiculous prices when they list a custom listing so it's really taking too long to go through them.
I apologize, next weeks will be better, I swear.

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