Monday, August 8, 2011

23 before 23

I like goals, I like lists, I like doing things, here we go.
In no particular order-
23. Go Camping, real camping, in a tent on the ground, I've never done it.
22. Go to Georgia and see my friends.
21. Go to the beach.
20. Get Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland tattoos.
19. Learn to crochet, and crochet well.
18. Paint something awesome, it's been a while.
17. Take a class at Fancy Tiger.
16. Either stay (what's normally) happily married or get divorced. I know how that sounds but really I just want one of them to happen and happen fast. Two Weeks.
15. Go to an amusement park, it's been years.
14. Actually read all the books on my book shelves.
13. Attend my "name night" at Front Porch and drink for free all night.
12. Have my hair professionally done, that's a big one, I don't trust anyone but my sister with my hair.
11. Purchase more vintage dresses, home decor, and lol Pyrex.
10. Restyle more dresses.
9. Become really really awesome at styling my own hair.
8. Make a big designer purchase.
7. Have my eyes checked because I think I might need glasses.
6. Yarn Bomb something big, real big.
5. Lose 10 more pounds, ok that might actually be too much weight for me to lose, so lets say 5-7.
4. Be done with my first year of school.
3. Be on the way to opening my shop.
2. Have Abbey's pictures made.
1. Learn how to do a French Know, embroidery.

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