Wednesday, August 31, 2011


And today we're doing vintage Star Wars.
Etsy is a great place to find vintage Star Wars memorabilia and it's all pretty reasonably priced. If you're a collector like me you know how frackin expensive it can get.
ok, you caught me, really this is just my personal wish list
My brother-in-law Nathan is a huge huge Star Wars fan, he's actually probably the reason I am too, but he has this, I've actually slept under this little gem.
I just need one of my own

Something you should know about me, I hate the 80's. Really, I really do. But I will say, they had some of the best t shirts
I have a Return of the Jedi one, but it's not really vintage and it doesn't have a thermos.
I don't wear watches, because ok I'm super awesome at telling time...
Ok this is only half vintage, but it's still pretty cute

I might not really need this, but I really love interactive/instructional books, of any kind really

Well I mean really, what's not to love?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I accomplished all of my goals today!
Except I found out my application is has not actually been approved yet and won't for another four weeks, so that's kind of a bummer. I got a whole list of classes I will need that start late so I won't have to wait until Spring semester to start. Yay!
I mailed of Nicole's garter, but the cute box wouldn't fit, so I couldn't send it. And then as soon as I sealed the envelope I realized that I never took pictures of them.
And then I went to this new Goodwill that I hadn't been to before and it was totally worth the trip!
I love that.

And this, AND THIS came in the mail yesterday from Jordann. It was full of turbans, bonnets, buttons, and the cutest little nesting doll toy and dress for Abbey Memphis. also had sequins...sequins like glitter and herpes, cannot be contained or gotten rid of, lol.
Tomorrow I'm doing like a whole little photo shoot of all this stuff. I really love it all and it was totally nice of her to do. Now I really have to get my ass in line and send her her package.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I found the motivation

To get my ass in line and learn how to crochet, for real. Not like the other times when I say I'm going to do it but really just buy all the things to learn then they just wind up under the bed.
These amazing vests, made by Free People NYC associate Liz, are possibly the greatest piece of crochet wonder I've ever seen.

All images came from here
Crochet? Over sized vests? Anything made by Free People or even the people associated with them?
Seriously I am in love.
And check out last weeks tutorial on how to make these kickass flannel lanterns.

Just a few bits and peices

Tomorrow, I will be productive. I will go to the school and sort out the rest of financial aid. I will go to the post office. I will do all of that errand shit that I just couldn't get to today. For one, my sister needed a ride to school at 11 and I really wanted to get going a lot earlier than that and two, I've mentioned that Abbey is teething and well I don't know what kind of day she's having right now. I'm really afraid of being in the office and she just starts freaking out and I can't leave or I just have to leave and give up for the day. So tomorrow, tomorrow will be productive.
I just approved someone on facebook that I don't know and we don't have any mutual friends...odd but ok then.
Don't let her fool you, she's about to freak out, I can tell.

Tomorrow I will be productive.
 I kind of hate not wearing my wedding ring, I really love it

Isn't this like the cutest thing you've ever seen? I didn't even thrift this, it was my great grandmothers and I had to fight my mom for it.

Oh see, there she goes, my baby girl is not happy. I gave her medicine in advance today so hopefully it will kick in soon and I can at least get dressed. I tell ya, being left like this hurts a lot less when you look good. I can do better, he can't. HA! Actually yesterday we were on the phone and I think he may have had a moment of realising that, he'll never admit it so I'll never know for sure but I think you could tell, I could at least.
Ok, now off to take care of that baby girl.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

And suddenly...

I am overcome with sadness.
I'm sorry I know I said a few posts back, yesterday actually, that I was really going to hold off on the whining but like what the fuck ever, you go through this and try not to be upset about it ok.
It's's just, do you have any idea what it's like to do everything for someone, even if it hurts and it's horrible and it makes you cry but you do it anyways, and it's just for nothing? Just to be told that no, nothings changed.
I just keep doing everything for him, and he keeps fucking me over.
Today my mom and I were going to go there and start moving my things out and like then he talked me out of it and gave me some alternate plan and like once again we're just doing what he wants. God, I feel stupid even reading that. I just keep doing what he wants, what he says, and it's getting me no where but even more hurt. And I can tell people are like starting to not care anymore, I can tell I'm exahusting the people on my side becasue I keep making these big statements and then just going back on them for him.
And then just to be told that no, there's still not really any other outcome other than divorce.
I'm stupid, God I'm so stupid, becaseu  I can't just give up, I can't just let it happen, I can't just accept that he's really doing this to us. I don't know why I can't. I don't know why I go to bed every night praying that he's going to realize what he's doing and stop it. I don't know why I would even want to be with someone like him at this point. I don't know why I think he wouldn't do this to me, to Abbey again. I don't know why I'm willing to even give him the chance. He hasn't really proven to be the most trust worthy.
Even on the days when I wake up and I do feel strong and I do kind of hate him and I do want to get divorced and have him as far out of my life as possible, it nver lasts. I either feel all big and bad and say this to him and he agrees with me and I die and it all goes away and I just start crying again. Or, he says something like maybe this isn't happening, like maybe he might see the mistake he's making. I don't know which is worse.
It's probably worse because I over analyze everything. Either he says something that means nothing and I turn it into everythng good or bad. Or he says something like almost nice and I either kill it and make him like take it back or I turn it into something way more than it ever was. I just don't understand the actions of all this. We actually talked on the phone today and when I brought up all of these he just had no answer. How can you just have no answer? How can you just not think about things that have to happen and how you're stopping them.
I'm misreable, I'm exahsuted. I just want this over, whatever that means, I just want to be done with it.
The days when I don't talk to him are better. It's a lot easier to wake up and just not talk to him or ignore him than it is to say just stop mid day. I don't know why, I feel that way about eating too, it's way eaiser to just not eat than it is to like eat well. He's suppsed to come Wednesday, but he's like supposed to come all the time and never does. I'm fucking sad. It's pretty pathetic actually. At least I'm aware.
And spell check isn't working so like sorry.

The Thief and The Cobbler

If you don't know what this film is, then I'm sorry your parents didn't love you enough to get it for you, but mine did. I'm obsessed with this movie, I have been for years, since like approx 1995. It's amazing, literally a visual masterpiece, I'm honestly not even go into details, because I wouldn't know where to start.
 I still have a copy on VHS, I'm seeking a copy on DVD. If you feel the need to experience this film, make sure you get the right version not the "recobbled cut."
This film had a long, looooonnngggg troubled past, which I can't really get into one-because it's absurd that anyone would not want to green light it's production and two- it's late, Abbey's teething, I'm a single parent now (thanks Dustin!) and I don't think I have much time to get this done.
But you can read about it here, yea it's Wikipedia, bite me.
SideNote-Dustin, hates this movie, he couldn't even get through it when I finally got a thrifted copy.Tack, ZigZag, Princess Yum Yum, the Thief, One Eye, Phido, the Nanny, the Witch!
Really I'm almost too excited to do this lol.

All of a sudden I'm very sad and I have to stop this and possibly cry...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

"online whiner"

A few weeks ago my mom and sister were talking about like what the hell the point in blogs were and they came up with the normals, crafts, babies, weddings, and so on. Then my mom said "Megan is an Internet whiner" and like idk ever since then I've been trying really hard not to. I feel like I can feel people getting bored with me.
I'm fucking sad.
This sucks, like hardcore.
So I haven't been updating, because I don't want to just whine.
Look at my face...

I don't want to be annoying...
But I have a special surprise arriving on Monday (does it count as a surprise if I know what it is?) from Jordann so I'm pretty stoked about that.
Dustin...supposedly coming tomorrow to see Abbey...
OK sure.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Extravagant Etsy Wednesday

I told you I'd be back today.
Today EEW doesn't really have a set theme, I literally just search All Items, Highest Price and this is what came up. I like to see how high people value themselves and their craft, no matter how good or bad it really is.
Also for the sake of not being mean or insulting or anything other than nice I won't be commenting on any of these, just listing the price.

Violino by Alked Derhemi
$100,000.00 + $1100.00 shipping
The Phoenician's Treasure Gown by Olivia Barnard-Firth
approx $20168.07 +$83.03 shipping
$16500.00 + $200.00 shipping

Ok, I'm sorry I just cannot go on, I know I know, not so "extravagant" but I can not do it. It's too hard not to just be like wtf at some of these things and also a lot of people list ridiculous prices when they list a custom listing so it's really taking too long to go through them.
I apologize, next weeks will be better, I swear.

This is not today's post

This is me ranting for a second and then I'll do a real one later, like late tonight or something, what the fuck ever.
Why am I not divorced yet? Why is this not happening? Why, if he wants it so bad, if he's ok with walking away from his family and is fucking some dumb cunt, is he dragging this out? I really don't understand any of this at all but I'm having even more trouble understanding why he doesn't just get off his selfish ass and get it done. I love him, I'll always love some part of him because we were fucking perfect and happy before he did this but now, after all this, the lies and cheating and abuse I just want it over. I mean I'm dumb and naive enough to still not want it at all but like what the fuck are you waiting for man? Seriously if he wants us out of his life so terribly bad then why isn't he more proactive in getting shit done? I don't know what to do, it's not like I'm going to file and pay for it, fuck that shit. This is all so very frustrating.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mail Call

I'm not going tI did not post yesterday, because I went to my house, and it did not go well and I was not in the mood.
o get into it though. But I will say...
that stupid bitch.
But I did get my mail! I love mail, it's like a little suprise.
 Even though I got it almost a month last, (gees Dustin it's not like you couldn't have told me about it) I got this awesome birthday card from Rachel!!
I was so excited, I thought she had forgotten about it, but no!
I really wish I could go visit Rachel and get away from all this shit. Our baby girls would play together and then they would be BFFFLs too.

And then I got my little thank you card for donating to Red Velvet's Kickstarter project, it's so cute.
You should totally check out that website, its full of creative projects and ideas that need funding, they usually start at a dollar and you normally get something for donating. If you know, knowing you apart of some one's dreams weren't enough.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I love how absurdly true these are

ok I got a little carried away with these, I just kept seeing ones I thought were really good.

Nicole's Garter

This box contains Nicole's hand made with love one of a kind I hope she likes them, garters for her upcoming wedding.
I wish I could show you, but she said she wanted to be surprised.
You can be sure I'll post about them when she gets them, hopefully it will be about how much she liked them.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Garage Sale Score

Normally I don't do garage sales, I find that it's normally more effort with less pay off than just going to a well stocked or lager thrift store. But this morning after I was done running my three siblings around and was on the way home I saw one in our neighborhood and I thought "ok sure why not".
I was so happy I did!

First I saw these in a box and I thought they were those fake books that are just boxes or even worse nothing and people just have them to look smart so I was surprised to see they weren't. I bought Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (duh, right), Paradise Lost by John Milton and The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson for just a dollar each. For classics? Hardbacks? that's a pretty amazing deal. I should have bought the rest of them on principle alone.

While I was paying for the books I saw this and obviously, had to have it. It wasn't until I got in the car did I realize that I hadn't even checked to see if all three were there or what kind of condition they were in or anything, I just saw them a grabbed them.
Guess what.
They had never even been opened, they are a completely brand new never been used set of vintage Pyrex bowls, score!!!! And even better they were only $3.
That's more then the last one I bought by it's self at the thrift store.

I might start giving garage sales more of a chance after this.