Friday, July 22, 2011

It's like too early for this

Well apparently I have been restricted from using the Internet on my laptop by the administrator, who is my Dad, who is at work. So I can't really upload the things I was going to, crap.
It's errand day! Because even though I don't get child support yet, and even though I got kicked out of my house with our baby, and even though he doesn't have as many bills or pay the ones he does I still have to provide Dustin everything he needs to take care of Abbey this weekend. Why? Oh he can't afford it right now, lol what the fuck ever man. I', like pretty irate about this and like I really don't care too much all at the same time. The worst part is that he still owes me a hundred dollars for this pay period and my sister owes me money so I'm not broke I just don't have what I thought I would.
Idk, we've gone like three whole days without fighting about anything which is the longest time we've gone without fighting since he did this and I'm staying there Sunday night so we really can't fight until after that or it will just be like all around unpleaseant.
At least tomorrow I'm getting a break from being a forced single parent, I plan on going to Buffalo Exchange and hopefully booking a tour at Stranahan's. Oh yea, I am exciting.
Oh awesome, now I have to go get Abbey and kill my little brother because even after asking him like four times he cannot manage to keep it down while playing Xbox Live and has woken her up, that little pissant I swear to God.

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