Sunday, July 24, 2011

It was a good night

After an informative and all around good time tour at Stranahan's complete with tasting, we decided that the only thing that goes better with whiskey other than more whiskey is cake.
Do you ever watch Food Network? Do know that guy Keegan Gerhard? Well his restaurant d Bar Desserts is located in Denver so we went there for dinner and oh my God was it good.
We like way over ordered though, getting the baked mac and cheese, the soup and sandwich, the s'mo waffle, and the cake'n'shake desserts. Seriously everything was so rich and so good but so bad for you and fattening and full of carbs. Oh God and I don't think I've ever had a better Lychee martini before. It wasn't even that expensive, I think our check was like around 60 and that was with two cocktails. Going to cute little trendy places like that makes me not hate it here so much.
But then...
You will not believe what happened to me...
I was in the bathroom, and I stood up to flush, and my gauge, fell out of my ear, into the toilet, and got flushed away. WTF!!!!! There was nothing I could do, not even like a little bit, now it's just making it's way around in the Denver sewer system. They were my metal ones too, the ones that look the best, I'm really upset.
And yes I am super pissed off at Dustin, but what difference does that make right.
Killing time untill it's time to go to my house and pick up my Abbey.

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