Friday, July 8, 2011

I just got caught in a hail storm

I was coming out of WalMart and all of a sudden it was this huge rain/hail storm. It was like totally out of nowhere and I got totally soaked and I was doing everything I could to hurry and keep Abbey dry and warm. Then it was over, as soon as I got in my car.
Once again, my laptop for some reason is not letting me post pictures of anything and it's driving me crazy. so use your imagination.
Yesterday, after much debate over whether or not it was worth the money I finally purchased Martha Stewart's Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet Kit. This will show you just what it is and I found the directions on there a little better than the ones that actually came with the kit. I was hoping to post pictures of the flowers I have done so far, it's taking quite a bit longer than I thought. I'm having to do it like in the dark and super slowly while Abbey sleeps.
I really miss having help goddammit.
Today I decided that I am going to learn to crochet and avidly start yarn bombing the world. The only things is, I don't know how to crochet, I don't know anyone that knows how and I'm not really good with written instructions. So this should be fun.
And now Abbey's woken up from her nap so I can't start that venture and now have to type with her in my lap.
One more thing yesterday Dustin and I were having a text conversation, kind of fighting but not really, and then I just asked him point blank "Are we getting divorced?" a few minutes went by so I asked again "Like for real are we?" another few minutes went by and still no response so I then said "I don't know if you're busy or just don't want to answer but you didn't say yes so I'm taking this as a good sign. I'm not going to text you anymore because I don't want to piss you off so I love you good night." I don't know if he got really busy (he's like doing ranges and stuff for like weeks not, well that's what he says I think I believe him though) and just couldn't answer me but like normally he tells me hey I can't talk anymore or I gotta go so I think he just didn't want to answer. Which I have to take as a good sign because a week ago a few days ago he was saying we were and all this other mean shit. even the other day I asked him if I should just feel totally stupid for hoping this is going to happen and if I should just give up and he said no, so like that's good right?
The only thing is like I keep catching him in lies, not big lies, just stupid stuff that like why would you lie about right? I will say that there are all old lies from when things were really bad, just things like where he really went to eat and how much money he really took out. I told him that if we decide to work this out he has to come clean about everything he's ever lied about and as long as it's not terrible I'll forgive him for it. I've already forgiven him for all the awful things he's said to me out of anger so what's a little bit more? I feel like I sound really stupid and maybe so but I don't want to get divorced so as long as he hasn't done anything like cheated on me (which he insists he hasn't and says that if he was he'd tell me because he has no reason to lie because he's the one that "wants" this) or like I don't know killed someone or like is a crime boss on the side I can get over it.

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