Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crafty Crisis

This is going to be real quick.
I'm having a crafty crisis, I mostly like to do projects for around the house, wreaths, wall art, terrariums. But I feel like I can't do any right now, I go out to get the things to make something and it's just like I don't have a house and I don't have room for any of this. It sucks, I have like a list of projects that I so badly want to do and I just don't see the point in even starting them.

I'm so sad, again, good mood has worn off, lol.
What dose being separated mean to you? Because I know what it means to me and I'm hoping it means the same to Dustin because we're going to discuss just being separated, not getting divorced, on Saturday. I don't really think he's going to have the same opinion as me and we're just doing this for practical reasons but maybe he will maybe all is not lost? No it is I know that. We aren't speaking right now, because of the fight and because I don't think we should make any decisions about things this important while we're this mad.
I don't know why I bother, I don't know why I'm still hopeful, but whatever.

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