Thursday, July 7, 2011

Arrrgh National Geographic Pirates Exhibit

The other day I went with Mom, Austin and took Abbey to see Nat Geo Real Pirates exhibit. I can honestly say it was way way better than the King Tut  exhibit. 
It was all about pirate life in general but followed the story of the ill-fated Sam Bellamy, his crew, including the nine year old runaway John King, his ship the Wyndah, pirate life in general, amd myths. It's worth it to see if it you know comes to a town near you.
Hendrick Quintor, John King, Sam Bellamy and John Julian.
There's this whole like three room model like you're actually on the ship. It also has a little black bag in the corner that's labeled piss pot, which seesms dumb to me like just pee over the side ride?

The exhibit also contains the only actual pirate treasure ever found, and you get to touch some of it so like that's kind of cool.
Common pirate myths.
1. There was no buried treasure, they didn't bury it they kept it on board and then when they docked  they split it up equally, (super equally who knew pirates were so honorable) and like spent it on rum and hookers? Ok I don't actually know that I'm just assuming.
2. Guess what no buried treasure means? That's right, no treasure maps. Why would you need a map to something that's on board right.
3. They didn't make anyone walk planks, they just threw people off the side.
Did you know that when pirates were prosocuted they were hanged and then covered in tar and put in these like full body cages called Giblets and then hoist up and a pole and left to rot as a warning to other pirates? Harsh.

It was pretty good. I'm really looking forward to seeing Pompeii when it finally comes around.

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