Saturday, July 9, 2011


I dream of having an organized, decorated, lovely lovely craft room. Currently at my house I have more of a craft corner, all my supplies are organized on these two cute little white vintage tables I found at Goodwill and boxes from Ikea. I have to drag things from the shelves to the dining table or coffee table or just work on the floor which is the easiest but like killer on my back. Since I'm at my parents house right now and my three year old sister Kody it out of town, my tiny bit of craft stuff is sitting on the floor and shoved under the bed.
All I want is a cute craft room, where I can tell Dustin to watch the baby, shut the door and get some serious shit done. Before I got pregnant I had one, our house has two bedrooms and Dustin unlike most guys that say they need an office or a workshop or "man-cave", he said he wanted me to use it for that very purpose. See, he really is a great guy when he's not being such a colossal douche bag. When I or we, (you never know) finally someday move into a house with three bedrooms and a garage I will get my craft room and Dustin will get his workshop and start restoring classic cars. That's all he really wants out of life.
Here are some one's that I'm hardcore envious of-
Where do I start? What's not to love? The colors, the beautiful furniture, the organization, the ribbon shelf?
Ok Ok I do love the clean organization of this but even more I love the shelf of Blythe Dolls!!! I've wanted one of these for years now and despite my efforts to get someone to buy me one for my birthday or Christmas my mom and Dustin both insist that they "are too expensive to buy for a 21 year old".
Blah Blah Blah

I don't even have words for this.
This would be an improvement but I don't have closets like this.

Since we live in Military Housing, I'll pause so you can all feel bad for me because I live in the Projects, we do have a big walk-in storage closet for all Dustin's gear, I could move in there.
But oh wait that's right, it has no windows, or outlets, or an AC vent and it's full of Dustin's gear.

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  1. Omg. Screw blogger. aahhh This is my attempt to comment part 2. I switched browsers for the sole purpose of posting this comment in order to sympathize. Back at my house in Macon I basically did nothing in my bedroom except for sleeping and sewing. My desk, small bookshelf, cabinet, and entire bedroom floor were dedicated to sewing... now I'm living out of a plastic container of fabric, my sewing machine in a small ironing board on the floor, and two sewing boxes with all of my notions. Oh, and all my thread and lace trim and the bottom half of a dress I was working on are all together hidden in a box in my storage unit in macon wwaahhh :( :( :( I understand I want my crafting space tooo!!!!