Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garland DIY

Do I actually feel like doing this?
No, not really.
I took these pictures with my phone so they kind of suck
Here's another simple garland DIY Project
You will need-
a circle pattern to trace and trace and trace
patterned paper
twine or string or yarn

Ok, trace, cut and fold circles, patterned side IN
I used 60 circles this made 12 little balls.

Start taping away
pick out five patterns, or colors, you like and tape them all together

 start stringing them, make sure you like tie a knot at either side of little ball
to keep them from bunching up.
mine are about 6 inches apart

And there you go!
Like I said, I used 60 circles, 5 circles per ball, 12 balls, 6 inches apart.
It should be about 6 feet long
But I'm really bad at math so I could be totally wrong.

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