Sunday, May 15, 2011

yesterday was just too much

My grandparents left (they'd been at my mom's since like January), it's was my little sister's prom night, and I was having like, Dustin with drawls. See, way too much going on to blog.
I finally talked to Dustin, now instead of coming home early, he's coming home a day late... fucking brutal. At least we're getting family separation pay. On the plus side my budget got upped again, by him.
 For the record, I do not  have to ask for money, it's not his, it's ours. Really he just said make sure this much is there when I get back and we're good.
I stocked up on supplies yesterday. Things to make dream catchers, head pieces, and I picked up some Boy Scout scrapbook paper that's I'm kind of not really sure what to do with.
I feel like it was not a coincident that craft stores were out of so much and yesterday was prom, but that just makes me wonder. What the hell did all these people make? I desperately want to know but at the same time don't really care too see a bunch of "look at me I'm so hipster and cool I made this prom shit", you know? It did kind of screw with my plans to make a few things though.
And today I picked up some new rings...
The gold one was my Great-Grandmothers, supposedly there's a gold band for me somewhere in this house as well but I've never seen it. The lovely green crystal one is actually from Target and I'm kind of in love with it.

The stacked set are the new ones, also from Target, they have a good jewelry buyer this year. The other two are my wedding rings, obviously. I know you're supposed to wear your wedding band on the inside but I just think it looks dumb that way.

And this is how I'm spending the afternoon. Holding this sleeping baby and watching The Other Boleyn Girl with my sister.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pics to post of new things I've completed.

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