Sunday, May 22, 2011

Super Simple DIY Garland/Window Treatment (4 days)

I'm not saying this is the greatest or most elaborate project ever but it turns out pretty cute. it was inspired by the window displays at Urban Outfitters and the inside of Free People at the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver Colorado. I don't have pictures of either of these so I kind of suck.
Also I'm down to taking pictures with my BlackBerry.
 You will need-
Twine, cut to fit your window like I did or super long for a garland.
At least three colors or fabric, I used light turquoise cotton, dusty green cotton and off white eye-let fabric.
 I got a yard of each then and cut them in half width wise, it would look better if you kept it longer but whatever.
 Shred all the fabric, I highly recommend the snip and rip technique it's way easier and it gives it that nice frayed look that I was going for.
Eyelet fabric will rip width wise but not length wise.
I cut all mine 1inch to 1/2 inch, or close enough, I didn't use a ruler sorry.
 Then pick a pattern, or not, and just start tying, I just used a simple knot one time, I didn't like sew it down or anything, it's not like it has another purpose other than to hang there and look good.
 Just keep tying and tying and tying.
And done! I'm going to use it as a window treatment in my bedroom. I have to make another much larger one for the other window. I feel so grown up, matching treatment instead of Grateful Dead tapestries like what's in there now.
It can also be used as a garland. I'm really into making those right now but it's like, I'm not having a party what's the point?
make keep the strips way longer and more varied in length
mix up the pattern
don't use so many strips and space them out more, I think that's what I'll do for the big one.

Not the best but certainly not the worst.

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