Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pretty quick

If you're a regular reader then you should know that my camera is dead and I don't have the charger, so no pics, sadface.
Went shopping today, shirt, shorts, DVDs, jewelry, and a Pilate's thing. Lol I bought the Star Wars special features DVD, I'm pretty excited about it. Thrifted some designer jeans for like $14, awesome.
Halfway threw this shopping excursion it occurred to me that most of what I was wearing and most of what  Iwas buying was from American Eagle. Then if accrued to me that more than most of my clothes are from American Eagle, that's weird.
Last night at the airport for like the first time I realized that we are that family. you know those commercials of like the little kid running up to their parent whose in uniform and like all the people around are watching and look like they might start clapping, yea we're them. Not that's there is anything wrong with being those people, I just never noticed before. OMG I'm going to be in that family forever. (Dustin's in the Army too)
Let's start the countdown to Dustin coming home ready go.
8 days...
Maybe tomorrow I'll take some like Black Berry pics and upload those
Jesus Christ, Abbey just urpped on me again.
I have to go now...

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