Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's kind of a lazy day

This morning when Abbey got up at 6 to eat it was snowing, then raining, then hailing, and basically all around dreary outside. It's like Colorado didn't get the memo about it being May right. So it's just kind of a lazy day, went to lunch, went to Target, probably just going to work on the Woodsy Outdoorsy Journal till everyone gets home. Still waiting to talk to Dustin again, did I tell you that this is not only a training mission but they're treating it like a mock deployment? Yea, with like night raids and simulations and everything. Still hoping he comes home on the 19th.

Let's talk about these dresses. I don't wear jeans, I rarely wear shorts or skirts, I think rompers are a bit absurd and I would never ever wear a jumpsuit. So that kind of just leaves dresses and leggings, how funny, that's all I wear.
I wish I could just order these dresses, that I'm in-love with, they would get here, look amazing and I'd be the happiest girl around, but sadly no.
I'm a curvy girl, well I have curvy hips and quite a nice derriere, but it makes ordering dresses online a bit of a gamble.

 Free hips, loose hips, one size hips, size charts can say whatever they want the only way I'll know it will look good, is if I try it on
This last dress I'm actually going to look for tomorrow. Fingers crossed that they have it in-store, and that when I try it on it looks the way I imagine it will in my head. It's perfect to wear to the Bluegrass Festival next month, and let's face it, how good of a time I'll have depends, let's say 50%, on how I look when I get there.
I've also decided to order the Five Year Journal It's a huge commitment and undertaking but I think in five years I'll like looking back and seeing everything I did.

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